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Birthdate:Nov 27
the girl

{and the history books forgot about us}
the whatthe lovethe rest
my name is melanie, but i go by any variation of that. i'm sixteen years old from the canadian suburbs. my only saviors here are my music, skateboarding, drinking and - of course - all you lovelies. when i graduate, i'm moving to l.a. to get a degree in asethics, as well as further my music career (i sing in a band). i believe in God and also the fact that love is love, and i'm active in my local gay straight alliance. I LOVE THE JSQUARED because seriously, no one is that close and just friends. i'm currently working on a bigbang, some i'm distracted as hell. friending is always open, though. i love to see a friendly face.fandom stuff public / personal posts private
(friending open)

fandom: my most active contribution to the various fandoms i'm in is fanfiction. i also make ficmixes and fanmixes, and occasionally i'll write a song and post it. (: fandoms in: supernatural, jsquared, gossip girl, harry potter, one tree hill, sons of anarchy, lords of dogtown, twilight(ughkindof)

personal: ok, i rant sometimes. mostly, i like to talk about how crazy my family is, or gay rights stuff. but i'm honestly in this to be friends with people, not to have a high count. i adore talking on aim and msn (just ask me for them!) and yes, i am random and inappropriate, but hopefully it's part of my charm. don't let it scare you off.
this journal contains both slash and wincest. go big or go home, right?

rps: jensen/jared, rpatzz/kstew, sid vicious/nancy spungen
supernatural: sam/dean, dean/castiel, dean/jo, sam/ruby, dean/alistair
harry potter: draco/hermione, harry/hermione, ron/hermione, harry/draco, lily/sirius, james/sirius
gossip girl: chuck/blair, chuck/nate
lords of dogtown: yes i know these are real people, i've been to their hometown and skated their streets, get over it. jay adams/kathy alva, jay adams/tony alva, stacy peralta/kathy alva
twilight: jacob/bella, jacob/leah, leah/nahuel, garrett/kate, emmett/bella, edward/smeyer(LOL.)
Je regardai donc cette apparition avec des yeux tout ronds d'étonnement. N'oubliez pas que je me trouvais à mille milles de toute région habitée. Or mon petit bonhomme ne me semblait ni égaré, ni mort de fatigue, ni mort de faim, ni mort de soif, ni mort de peur.

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